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Meet Dr. Barreto

Dr Hank Barreto

Your Holistic Dentistry Expert In Miami

Dr. Hank Barreto is a third-generation dentist who has been practicing since 1988.
A graduate of Rutgers University, he attended the Fairleigh Dickinson School of Dentistry. He later gathered experience under the mentorship of some of the most widely-respected dental and medical educators in the world.

Holistic Dentistry In Miami

As a dentist, Dr. Barreto finds it vital to approach oral health as an integral part of the body's overall wellness.
He treats each patient as an individual because he knows that each person is unique, with different healthcare needs, including oral care.

He and his team explore all the available options and use bio-friendly materials and techniques – all designed to be as compatible with your body and holistic dental health as possible.

Patients from all walks of life have come to Dr. Barreto to take advantage of his expertise in holistic dentistry. They left pleased with the results and also amazed at the comprehensive nature of his medical care.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry or biological dentistry aims to improve oral health without deploying potentially harmful substances and surgeries to get the desired results.
Traditional dentistry has a limited domain, and generally concerns only your teeth and gums. Holistic dentistry takes account of overall health and vitality, going beyond the visible issues with teeth and gums. It's built on the premise that all health issues are connected – including emotional health.

Leading Biological Dentist Near Coral Gables

When setting up his practice, Dr. Barreto quickly learned that there is a real need for Holistic dentistry in Miami.
He is one of the foremost experts in holistic dental treatments and a leading Coral Gables dentist, so you can count on him to help you overcome your dental health problems.