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Keeping Your Smile as Nature Intended

Our philosophy is centered on treating you holistically and non-invasively. That's why we think that the best care is preventive care. We believe your body is best in its natural state and we use all the latest equipment to detect problems as early as possible so we can stop them or treat them with the least interference to your natural system. We focus on maintaining normal function and fitness, and if we do discover a problem, we use conservative techniques to restore your teeth to their ideal, natural state.

Traditional dentistry focuses on treating symptoms. While the repair may be excellent, if your symptoms keep reoccurring your trouble could be much more complex than what is showing up on the surface. We look beyond the surface symptoms and get to the cause.

We use the latest technology such as intra-oral cameras, the Cavitron® and the DIAGNOdent® . These tools let both you and the doctor see what is happening in your mouth with much more detail and accuracy than x-rays alone. We evaluate your bite and your chewing system so that if a repair is made, it is revised with attention to balance, harmony and systemic impact.

We offer the most up-to-date procedures to prevent problems and protect your whole body health. If your teeth need repair or replacement, we offer the best, biocompatible materials and restorations for healthy, stronger teeth and long lasting results, all with a gentle touch in a caring environment.