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TMJ Treatment

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If you are discouraged by chronic pain and discomfort, you may have just found relief. Headaches or other troubling and painful symptoms could be caused by temporomandibular joint disease (also known as TMD or TMJ), which affects about 12% of people in the United States and is most common among women and young people. Fortunately, there are safe and effective TMJ treatment options that can help.

What causes TMJ?

TMJ problems have their primary base in the (TMJ) joint mechanism. The actual malfunction may involve the ligaments, muscles or the bone itself. The causes may be external, internal, or both. External causes might be a blow to the face or jaw or some sort of injury. Whiplash is a common cause of externally produced trauma to the TMJ. The most common internally produced trauma arises from occlusal disharmonies.

TMJ symptoms

There is an integral relationship between your hard and soft tissues, and that relationship should be harmonious. When the jaw is misaligned, both the hard and soft tissues are affected and many ailments can result such as migraines and other types of headache, jaw pain, popping of the jaw joint, neck and shoulder pain, dizziness, even numbness in your hands or fingers.

If you suspect you are suffering from this disorder, try the following tests:

  • Press the area directly in front of the center of the ear. Pain or tenderness might indicate inflammation of the Temporomandibular Joint.
  • Insert your little fingers in your ears with the nails facing the back. Press forward gently. If the joint is inflamed, pain might be felt.
  • Watching the chin in a mirror, open the mouth wide, then close. Does the chin move straight up and down? If it deviates to one side, it may indicate possible TMJ problems.
  • Are there clicking sounds when opening or closing the mouth?
  • Is there clenching or grinding the teeth during the day or during sleep? On awakening do the facial muscles feel sore?

Getting treatment

Dr. Barreto is here to help, providing dedicated TMJ treatment in the Coral Gables area. Our diagnostic process and our gentle and effective treatments are non-invasive and easy. There are no injections, and there is no surgery. Many who thought their pain was chronic, have been restored to health and comfort.

We start by evaluating your mineral levels. Some people suffer from TMJ because their nutritional levels are depleted or they are dehydrated. Nine out of ten cases are corrected with nutritional adjustments.

If this doesn't solve the problem, we may recommend the use of dental restorations to precisely raise or lower areas of your bite, creating a naturally comfortable position for your jaw. We can also create a custom made appliance to place your bite in an optimal position. In most cases, we can reposition your jaw without surgery or braces, and complete the treatment in a few short weeks. We’re honored to be your TMJ dentist, and we’d love to see you smile again!

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